Why Partner With Us

You can become an approved FlexiCommercial partner if your business itself supplies equipment to other businesses.

Doing so will enhance your business offering, boost sales and optimise customer service. Offering our flexible finance solution will also provide your customers with more buying power and an easier way to pay – which of course is good for your business too!

Advantages of becoming a FlexiCommercial partner include:

  • Boost Sales

    Offering our flexible finance solutions will give your customers more buying power, with minimal impact on their cash flow. Providing an equipment leasing option makes even large, high-cost, items easy to afford through smaller, manageable payments – meaning your customers can buy more, and so your sales increase.

  • Get Paid - Quickly

    When you are a FlexiCommercial partner, you get paid when your customers get their equipment. We manage the day-to-day details of their lease agreement from that moment onwards.

  • Optimise Customer Service

    Becoming a FlexiCommercial partner will mean you become more than just a supplier. You will become a ‘total solutions provider’ by also offering innovative and flexible financing to your customers – making it much easier for them to buy from you!

  • Get More Leads

    When you are a FlexiCommercial partner, we supply you with sales leads. We know when others are seeking equipment for a particular business sector – and if you supply to that sector, then we can connect you.

  • Gain an Edge

    We work with you to identify opportunities to deliver innovative solutions that satisfy your customer needs and give you competitive advantage.

  • Increase Repeat Business

    At the end of a lease term your customers will be notified that they have the option of an easy upgrade to brand new equipment on a new agreement. Customers who choose this option will be guided back to your business as return customers.

Partner With Us

We’d love to talk to you about creating the ideal finance solution for your customers. If you’re registered for VAT and have a good credit history, get in touch today.