End of Contract Options

With our range of flexible end of term options – to suit your business circumstances – endings can also be beginnings. You can upgrade your equipment, hand it back to us, or offer to purchase it at the end of the agreement.

End of term options

  • Upgrade to new equipment

    If you want to keep your business running on the latest, most advanced technology and equipment, you can simply upgrade the equipment at the end of your agreement.

  • Offer to purchase

    As you near the end of the lease, you can make an offer to purchase the equipment at a price you see fit which we may accept or reject. If accepted, you must purchase the equipment when your lease expires. VAT will apply to the purchase price.

  • Extend the agreement

    If you’re not ready to let go at the end of the lease, you can continue using the same equipment on a month to month arrangement. This option allows you to continue using the equipment, while preserving your cash flow and providing tax benefits. You will be charged a daily cost charge during this period.

  • Return the equipment

    If you’re done with the equipment, simply send it back to us in the condition detailed in the terms of your agreement.

It is important to contact us to nominate an end of term option prior to the end of the lease. You must tell us in writing which option you choose by 60 days before the end of lease date.

If you do nothing, and until you elect to proceed with one of the above options, the lease will automatically roll-over on a month to month basis and you will be charged a daily cost charge.

To discuss your end of term options, just call us at 01-4513222.